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If you’re freelance designer, coder or anybody who is creative, you should own a website. But before you go for a website, you need to have a domain name. Most beginners follow a simple method to choose a domain name by visiting sites like GoDaddy.com. They try to search there and find something that is available ultimately. Yet, this approach is not enough, there are a lot of different ways, tactics and techniques that you can use to find a good domain name. Such as domain name generators, this helpful tool can give you an insight on that name that you are looking for your online store.

The domain name is important to your brand identity, as it speaks for your online brand. Selecting the right website address for your brand is quite a big purpose. It not only influences your business, but also impact social media marketing and ranking on search engines.

This article will show you few ways and strategies that you can use to find a domain name.

Domin name

  • Choose a domain name that helps you grow your business – services and products. Take an example of SweetSoaps.com. This site was made by a home mom who made a glycerin soap which looked like a candy, and she named her domain name that specifies her business. And, her company made success for many years.
  • Most of the times, to get a dotcom domain could become out of the question. And you also feel that if you don’t get a dotcom domain, your site is never going to get potential customers. This issue could resolve if you search for synonyms of your keywords rather than the keywords. For example, if you are not getting a dotcom domain for toys.com, then you can go for its synonym like playthings.com.
  • Also don’t use inappropriate words while choosing your website address. It could lead to spam content and readers would report it.
  • Do generate some brainstorming ideas related to your business. Ask key questions to yourself and recognize what’s the passion of your brand. If it’s related to food and travel, then think about each word that comes into your mind associated with it and write it down. Join those words together, in this way; you can get your perfect domain.
  • You can also think creatively and meaningful with the domain extensions. You can choose hundreds of available unique endings for your web address. Such as, .photography, .fashion, .city and much more. Not only they sound interesting but also bring meaning to the word after dot. Through this way, you make your web address memorable, meaningful and searchable. Artof.fitness and driftaway.coffee are few examples. So, when naming your website, go with something unique.

Find a domain

  • You can also introduce a rhyme style to your domain name such as, BrainChampagne.com. In this way, people would be more likely to remember your URL.
  • The vision of your business could be forwarded to people using related domain names. If your brand is into profitable services and products that helps make the world a better place. Such as, world peace issue, hunger and poverty issue, environmental changes and much more. Then, in this case, you can go with names like GoingBeyondSustainability.com, which clearly defines the vision.
  • One of the effective ways to create unique domain name is to add prefixes or suffixes. Pick few relevant keywords and append prefixes or suffixes until you find something unique. Some popular prefixes are top, free, my, best and pro.
  • It is also a good idea to place your domain name using your personal experience or something that have personal meaning to you. Like, you can use the nickname of your child and merge it with the term or keyword commonly used in your business. CozyClicks.com is an example of such case, cozy is nickname of owner’s daughter and click is the term commonly used in photography industry.