3 Key Steps for Domain Name Registration and Acquisition

The first step to establishing a web presence is to buy a domain name. It’s one of the most important things when looking to create a website. While domain name acquisition may sound easy, it’s a difficult, confusing and time-consuming endeavor. Certain aspects must be considered before domain name acquisition, such as corporate name availability, trademark availability and domain name’s availability. This post is going to talk about the 3 steps required for domain name registration and acquisition.

1)  The first step to domain name registration is to consider trademark availability

You should adopt a key trademark for your online business moving forward to identify itself from other businesses. Your trademark strategy should address certain aspects, such as whether the business name will be the same as the trademark, or whether the trademark will identify the business as a whole or just particular products and services. Once these questions are ironed out, you should check if the trademark is available. For example, if you’re in the U.S., you will have to conduct the trademark search available through the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO)’s. You can also conduct research online or through state trademark offices. You can also solicit the services of commercial search services for a fee.

2)  Domain name registration also includes company name availability search

Besides trademark, some states outlaw registration of company names that are similar. Before you register your domain name, make sure that the company name corresponds to the domain. But if you don’t find a matching name, you can still register the domain name and look for a matching trademark. It is advantageous to know the company name availability up front.

3)  Before domain name registration, ensure the domain name is available

Now that you’ve already sorted out trademark and company name issues, it’s time to focus on the domain name. You should start by conducting domain name search availability. If you intend to use the domain name in conjunction with an app, you may need a further step to determine that the domain name is available at the numerous app stores.

If you find out that the domain name has already been taken, you can go to domain reseller marketplaces to check if someone is selling it. Guard your domain name afterward as domain theft, and domain hijacking are prevalent these days.


So, you can see that acquiring a domain name is not an easy task. In most cases, you’ll find that most .com domain names have already been taken. Don’t worry; just tweak the name a bit, and you will find it. You can also go to a domain auction site such as GoDaddy and buy a .com domain.


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