The Importance of Speed in Any Dedicated Web Hosting Plan

It’s paramount to know that speed is an essential factor in any dedicated web hosting plan. It’s important for search engine rankings and for people who visit your website. If your website pages load slowly, then you’re losing many prospective clients unknowingly, which means no value will be added to your social shares, and links, as well as activity profile. This can negatively impact your website’s growth, and it will eventually affect your search engine rankings.

Dedicated web hosting servers and speed

If you’ve used a dedicated server before or read posts about it, you know that its price is much higher than other hosting options. Just experiment. If you’re using a shared hosting plan, changeup to dedicated hosting and see the difference. You will notice a big change. Your website will be much faster than before.

When you’re using a shared hosting plan, it means you’re using a portion of the main server that is hosting many other websites. Those other websites take up a portion of the bandwidth, disc space, and processing memory. And because the owner of the server wants all the websites to run, they have to put limits on the websites that use the server in order to host more websites and make big profits.  So with shared hosting, you are accorded limited memory, disc space, and bandwidth. If you’re a new startup online business owner, this can be enough, but when you scale up, and you start to get tons of traffic, you’ll certainly need much more processing memory, bandwidth, and disc space. And this is where dedicated hosting comes in. Dedicated hosting will ensure your website runs at an optimal speed always. A faster website means faster loading pages, and this will significantly reduce your bounce rate.

Is dedicated web hosting worth it?

By now you know that dedicated hosting is not cheap, but the fact that it offers your website the necessary speed means it’s well worth the cost. If you use dedicated web hosting plan, you will certainly have the edge over competitors who are using shared hosting option. And the fact that speed is one of the metrics search engines use to rank websites, your search engine ranking will increase.

Even after choosing dedicated web hosting service, there are other aspects you have to include when hosting your websites, such as the number of IP addresses and port speed. If you need multiple IP addresses, ensure it comes with the package. Port speed is critical when making an upgrade. So, ensure you choose the right port speed.